Milestone Portrait Session Playdates!

baby wearing gray jumper while holding a cotton


Becoming a new Mom again myself, I know how important it is to get out of the house and plan get togethers with other Mom friends!  Honestly, it helps break up the monotony of life with a baby in tow; when you spend most of your day’s changing diapers, and adhering to feeding and nap schedules!  

Time with your new baby will go by so fast and before you know it you will be planning their first birthday.  When it comes to having professional photos taken of your baby, clients do great capturing the newborn phase but often forget to capture all of the other amazing milestones your little one will accomplish during their first year!  Some of my favorites milestones to capture are baby smiles; when they lift their head proudly while on their belly; sitting unassisted and standing. Not to mention all of the sweet details of your baby that you will never want to forget, such as their baby rolls, chubby cheeks, tiny toes and first teeth. 

So it came to me!  Why not combine capturing your baby’s first year milestones with getting together with other Mom friends!  Up to 3 friends can book a Portrait Session Playdate together and the best part is you can share the session fee of $150.

What can you expect during a Milestone Portrait Session Playdate?  These sessions are held at my boutique studio space in Coral Springs.  There will be coffee and tea and light snacks for the Mom’s.  During the hour long session, the baby’s will be styled and photographed in 2 different neutral and classic setups.  Then Mom’s can choose from one of several digital/ print packages from the gallery of images (starting at $100).

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