Top Questions To Ask When Booking A Newborn Photographer

So, you are expecting a baby? This is such an exciting time in a family’s life! Before you baby arrives, you are doing research to find the perfect photographer for your baby’s first photo shoot. There are so many things to consider and ask when hiring someone to take these very precious images of your sweet little baby. Below I have highlighted some questions you will want to ask when searching for a newborn photographer.

Do you specialize in newborn photography and what sort of qualifications do you have?

While there is no formal certification or degree given out to qualify someone to be a newborn photographer there are some very important things to keep in mind. First off, make sure your photographer is licensed and insured. A photographer that specializes in newborns has often taken workshops and courses in how to safely handle and pose a brand new baby. Safety is a super important factor! A general photographer may not have the right skills to carefully get your baby into all those precious squishy poses and itty bitty buckets. Also since props like wraps and layers are used more than once, everything must be cleaned in baby friendly detergent as your little ones skin is very sensitive in those first few weeks.

What style newborn photography do you offer?

There are really two types of newborn session styles, the classic posed session and lifestyle session. Not sure the difference or which may be the best fit for your family? I will explain the two options below.

The classic studio session is mainly focused on baby and usually incorporates several different poses, set-ups and props. Clients are able to request certain colors for their session. Parents and siblings are always welcome to get involved in the session as well. Baby’s are delicately posed with their parents or siblings to create a sweet beautiful memory. These sessions are done in the photographer’s studio where they would have access to all the items necessary to photograph your new baby, like hats, props, wraps, bonnets and headbands.

Proud Daddy cradling his brand new baby in his arm. Shows just how tiny newborns are.

A Lifestyle Newborn Session takes place in the clients home and the main focus is more on all the excitement and bonding of the family with the new baby. All the details are documented; the nursery you worked so hard to make absolutely perfect, Mom and Dad all curled up together on the couch gazing at their new bundle of joy and your tiny newborn all wrapped up laying in their crib. Lifestyle Sessions are great for those hoping to create a beautiful baby album as the documentary approach tells a story of the love of your sweet bundle of joy.

Sweet moments captured in your baby’s nursery are something you will go back to time and time again to enjoy.

Is your Photographer up to date on their immunizations?

New baby’s have very delicate immune systems and making sure everyone who has contact with your little baby is fully up to date on vaccines is extremely important. Asking that they have received a recent whooping cough vaccine and yearly flu shot is something that should be on your list of questions when interviewing potential photographers.

How old should my baby be when they have their newborn photo session?

For classic, posed studio sessions, the ideal age for your newborn to come into the studio is between 5-14 days old. Of course there are many reasons why you may not be able to schedule in that time window. If you are having a little boy and plan to have them circumcised, it is recommended to wait 5-7 days before scheduling your photos since baby can be very uncomfortable while they are healing. Older baby’s can be photographed as well but they do start to loose some their “mold-ability” as they get past the 2 week mark. Don’t worry though there are still lots of poses that work with older babies too so do not feel discouraged. That is why working with a photographer who specializes in newborns, is patient and knows lots of tricks to get baby sleepy and posable is so important.

Your baby’s age for Lifestyle Newborn Sessions isn’t as important since there is very little posing involved. Ideally you still want to schedule this special photo session within the first couple weeks of the baby being born, but up to 4 weeks old is still considered “newborn.”

A couple more tidbits I would like to share…

Speaking with your potential photographer on the phone to make sure they understand your vision and what is most important to you is critical! They will be working closely with your family for 2-3 hours during the newborn session and at your ordering appointment, so making sure you get good vibes and feel comfortable with them is imperative.

Also, The old adage is true, “you get what you pay for”…any photographer can technically take pictures of your newborn but handling and safely posing your little baby takes practice and training. Your newborns tinniness goes by so quickly and babies change drastically from week to week. You can’t re-do a newborn photoshoot when baby is older. Make sure you are working with someone who really has the skills to create outstanding and timeless images of your little baby.

Lisa Lefevre Photography specializes in newborns and works out of a store front commercial studio in Coral Springs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to take a tour of the studio and learn more about newborn portrait sessions with Lisa!