Top questions to ask your Newborn Photographer before you book!

Atlanta Newborn Photography 48

Choosing your newborn photographer is similar to choosing your wedding photographer. The newborn phase goes so quickly and capturing your sweet baby at this early age is so important to expecting Mom’s and Dad’s. Here are my top three questions to ask when you are choosing a newborn photographer.

  1. How many babies does the photographer photograph every year? There are so many genre’s of photography and you definitely want to find out if the photographer specializes in newborns. Photographing newborns is a more difficult genre and takes lots of skill, experience and practice. Someone who specializes in newborns should photography several babies every month. If the photographer only does it a couple times a year, more than likely they have not invested in the education to handle your tiny little baby. Those adorable poses you see all over your Pinterest takes years of practice to master and if not done safely can injure a baby. My studio photographs around 50 babies a year. I am constantly taking courses to fine tune my skills and keep on trend with the newest gear and props in newborn photography.
  2. What type of safety measures do you have in place to keep my baby safe and healthy? In today’s world, asking that your photographer is vaccinated (not just for Covid), but for the flu, Whooping Cough and tDap is something you should definitely find out when talking to newborn photographers. You want to make sure that the area where your baby will be is sanitized and any items are washed between clients. Has the photographer taken CPR or any other Newborn safety courses? Lisa has taken several courses through Newborn Photography Associations. In addition to what I have already mentioned, Lisa Lefevre Photography continues to wear masks and protective smocks during newborn sessions to provide an extra layer of security when handling our tiny little clients.
  3. Do I need to supply any props or items for my newborns session? The photographer you choose should have a wide variety of props and accessories to customize your session. At my studio, we send all newborn clients a questionnaire to understand their goals and preferences for the newborn session to make sure you have the ultimate experience. Not only do we have props for the baby, we have a full collection of dresses for new Mom’s to wear and we can even coordinate hair and make-up to help you look your absolute best in the photos~