Two month old Newborn Session- South Florida Newborn Photographer

I love photographing older newborns (between 4-8 weeks)! While there are some poses you cannot do at this age, most can still be done. There are lots of props baby can still be posed in too, when they are a little older! Many photographers will tell you that the newborn session can only be done within the first few weeks of the baby’s life but that is not true at our studio!

An older newborn has usually worked out a lot of the feeding kinks that we see with younger baby’s in the studio. Their sleep cycles are also typically more routine. Eye contact improves as baby gets closer to two months and some even start to smile. The approach to photographing an older newborn is a little different but the end result is always amazing! Awake babies really start to show off their little personalities and parents love to see that captured!

This little guy was just shy of two months! Check out his amazing eye contact and sweet smiles!

Once this adorable little guy fell asleep, I was able to pose him like the younger newborns that come in!!

If you have recently had a baby and still wondering if you can do a newborn session, contact us today!! See our inquiry form below! We would love to capture some beautiful memories of your sweet bundle of joy!